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March 23, 2005,

Friends and Film Students:

The RichardLeacock.com website is a true example of an Independent endeavor.

It is entirely a volunteer effort, a Stone Soup, -- a true labor of love by many friends who have sponsored this site, and written sections of it.

If you are interested in contributing your efforts, support, -- or opinions, please contact Ricky, Valerie, or Ann Marion ( annmarion@marionworks.com)

On March 22, 2005, Richard Leacock presented his work as part of the The Balagan Experimental Film & Video Series at Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA. This website was mentioned as part of the discussion, reflecting Ricky's continuing involvement with new technologies.

Purpose: To provide basic information to a large audience, anywhere in the world.

Multi-lingual: Ricky is very enthusiastic about Skybuilder's support for automatic translation into a number of foreign languages. However, it would be better if human translators could be found.

Credits & Thanks to :

Ricky Leacock has written the first page of this website.

Bob Doyle at SkyBuilders (http://www.skybuilders.com/) hosts this website, originally inspired by Ricky's 80th birthday. The Leacock Project was conceived as an evolving project, a plan to help Ricky acquire all the materials he needs to document his life's work.See Leacock Project)

Geoff Alexander has contributed the bulk of material, including all the lists of films: Geoff Alexander at Academic Film Archive of North America  

Ann Marion has volunteered to pull together contributers, and post pages.

Valerie Lalonde is reviewing, editing, and looking for translators.

-- many other people whose work has led to the lists, and articles

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