Richard Leacock Project (DRAFT CONCEPT on the occasion of Ricky's 80th birthday)

At the feet of the guru... Halibut Point July 21,2001

The Leacock Project is a plan to help Ricky acquire all the materials he needs to document his life's work.

It also aims to collect the impact of Ricky's work on the thousands of us whose lives have turned on our experiences with Ricky and his films.

Ricky's immediate goal is to create a collection of DVD's and a web site which will include annotated fragments from several important films that influenced his own films. It will also contain sequences (or complete copies where possible) of his films, plus an audio track with Ricky's commentary. Ricky and Valerie are editing Ricky's correspondence, and will illustrate events in the letters with excerpts from photos and appropriate films, including some home movies and his war footage.

The resulting collection will form the basis for a comprehensive history of cinematic technique, with special emphasis on the problem of shooting and editing synchronous sound, to which Ricky contributed as much as any filmmaker.

Ricky needs your help.

Please tell us what you can do. For example:

We imagine several aspects to the Leacock Project, which could be handled from institutions that owe so much to Ricky. Can you suggest other places?

Leacock at Harvard.

Leacock in New York. Leacock-Pennebaker Films.

Leacock at MIT.

Leacock and BFVF.

Leacock in Paris.

Imagine "The History of Cinema as seen through Ricky Leacock's Viewfinder."

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